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Hey hey! Thanks for stopping by! I'm Amber - a wife and a mom of two dogs. I am a photographer based in the Clearwater/Tampa, FL area but willing and ready to go anywhere! I am a reading teacher, a lover, and a traveler. I love going on adventures, seeing new places, trying new food and coffee shops, visiting local breweries, hitting up concerts, and experiencing new things all with camera attached, of course!

I love documenting the moments and emotions of life which is how I found my niche with wedding photography. I am passionate about being the one to capture every minute of love, laughter, excitement, and happiness on the day that you will remember forever. It  gives me ALL the good feels! 

So, in case you were wondering, how did I get here? I always have had appreciation for creating and viewing art. With that interest, I took photography classes in college and learned more about how the camera works, how to develop film, and how to process my own prints in the darkroom.

While this was an amazing experience and a great base for starting photography, I knew I wanted more. I purchased my first DSLR in 2012 and started shooting families and couples, eventually working myself up to photographing weddings.  

I IMMEDIATELY fell in love with photographing the connection between couples.

As for my style, it has evolved over time but I found a work style that is unique and that I can call mine. I would describe my photography as a photo-journalistic style. I am there to tell your story and to document your day. My style is accentuated by taking in all of the surrounding areas and creatively using them to enhance my photos. I LOVE sunshine and use natural lighting as often as I can to produce photos that have a more genuine feel. 

So enough about me. I am excited you are here and thank you for stopping by, but now let me get the chance to learn more about you!

-Amber McWhorter


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